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One of the consequences of a massive project such as this one is that there will, inevitably, be errors.

If you run across something on one of our pages, please let us know. What was the average cost of a WW2 submarine?

While this is difficult to answer because there were several shipyards producing subs and prices varied by shipyard, the average cost of a U. What was the use of submarines in WW2?

In WW2, U. While comprising less than two percent of the U. Why did WW2 subs have to surface to recharge their batteries?

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Diesel-electric submarines that were used in that time ran on batteries underwater and those batteries had to be recharged by the onboard diesel engines. The diesel engines had to be run on the surface because of the exhaust. Did the submariners bathe on WW2 military submarines? There was very little room on WW2 submarines and there was one water closet, which was seldom. Commissioned in September , it's seen here during a pre-commission run.

The Indiana's supply officer handles business from his berth during a pre-commission run in the Atlantic Ocean in June The bridge team from Indiana's pre-commissioning crew stands watch as the sub enters Port Canaveral, Florida, the location where the vessel was eventually commissioned. A URC commander climbs from a rescue module into the escape hatch of the Texas. A member of the naval color guard raises the admiral's flag during the commissioning of the South Dakota on Feb. Part of a naval commissioning is the ceremonial passing of the long glass, or telescope. The new sub is the Navy's third vessel named for the state of South Dakota.

A system check is performed on the Colorado's weapons-launch console in January The Colorado was commissioned as the Navy's 15th Virginia-class sub in March Like the other Virginia-class subs, the Washington, commissioned in , boasts a crew of about Reportedly, there are more crew members plus than beds about 90 in Virginia-class submarines. On Virginia-class subs, three meals are prepared daily; prep work on each meal begins four hours in advance.

The sub is the 15th Virginia-class vessel. The is the keel-laying for the Virginia, the original Virginia-class submarine. The Virginia-class boats are intended to replace the Navy's smaller, older Los Angeles-class submarines. According to the Navy, it took shipbuilders eight hours to move the boat from its assembly facility to the dock. During the commissioning ceremony of the USS Mississippi, the ninth Virginia-class submarine, sailors heed the new boat's first official order to "man the ship. Don't show this again. The crew's commander was identified in some Russian media as captain Denis Dolonsky, who the navy said was one of the two sailors with a Hero of Russia award.

Submarine Force

In recent years, U. All rights reserved. Play ABCNews. Interested in Russia? Russia says submarine on which fire killed 14 is a top secret vessel.

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Why the U.S Built Only 3 of the Deadliest Submarines Ever, Like The F-22 of Submarines

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Submarines in the United States Navy

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