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And yet if I look in said path there's no file of that name saved. In fact even if I search the entire drive Windows search returns nothing. So where's the file? Last edited: May 30, GroovinDJ , May 30, Thanks GroovinDJ I got it working. I was dragging the file from the browser tree to the sample deck which will not work.

Instead you have to click on the "All remix sets" folder and drag from the list view to the deck. Messages: 26, DJ Freshfluke , Jun 4, Messages: 3.

The Remix Manual

Sorry for sounding like a complete noob but I'm also having a problem: I have loaded the additional remix deck content into my 'All remix sets' folder. I created a new personal remix set 'Mikarocks' and saw it in my 'all remix sets' folder. Then, when I close Traktor and reopen it, all the additional content and Mikarocks remix set has vanished from my Traktor library!

But I can see the additional content folders created in the Traktor directory but no folder for the Mikarocks set.

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This is incredibly frustrating and I have no idea why Traktor doesn't remember my settings from before. I just upgraded to 2. Before I got the F1, I was using 2. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated? How do I get Traktor to remember my remix sets and content? Or am I missing something? Messages: 6. Did anyone find a fix for this? I used to be able to save my remix sets, but they don't come back after restarting Traktor. Timbo21 , Mar 1, Nice Bug! DJ Freshfluke , Apr 29, Traktor 2.

However I can go to the orange highlighted button, click the little down arrow and save the remix set that way. Dj-b-drop , Nov 9, Foreplay , Mar 19, And so was born the Ninjutsu, the mystic Shadow Warriors. Four centuries later, the Ninja became the most feared warriors of the day, feared by even the bravest Samurai and the most powerful of the Shogunates. The Ninja's mastery of weapon crafts and powers of mental control, ensured a swift and merciless victory over all enemies.

It took years for a person to become a master of Ninjutsu, years of arduous training forging the body and mind into a death dealing machine. Kuntoki, the evil minded Shogun of the Ashikaga Clan, had long envied the power and ability of the Nija brotherhood and would do anything to possess the secrets of their power. Believing that the only way to obtain the knowlege he hungered for was to destroy every Ninja.

To this end, Kunitoki swore an oath to all his gods that he would bring about the Ninja's total destruction. Once every Ten years all the members of the Nija brotherhood must ravel in pilgrimage to the island of Lin Fen. There they must pay homage to the shrine of the White Ninja, the founder of the brotherhood, and receive more knowlege from the Koga Scrolls - the repositiory of all Ninja knowlege.

Seizing the opportunity, Kunitoki used all his knowlege of the Black arts to summon forth evil spirits and dwellers of the nether worlds to do his bidding. Unleasing the full force of his wrath, Kunitoki directed his evil hordes to the island of Lin Fen, there they slaughtered all the Ninja brotherhood. Now nothing stood in the way of Kunitoki achieving his ni ultimate goal, possession of the Koga scrolls and the arcane knowlege of the Ninjutsu. When his evil horde had completed their task, Kunitoki set sail for the island accompanied by his elite force of palace guards and samurai officers.

Once they established themselves on the island they would begin training in the ways of Ninjutsu.

Soon, the evil Shogun would be the master of his own Ninja, and no one would be able to stop him. Unknown to Kunitoki not all the Ninja had be slaughtered, one had escaped the slaughter on the island, a young Ninja Warrior, The Last Ninja. When all the Ninja brotherhood had set off on their pilgrimage to Lin Fen, there was always a warrior left behind. His task was to guard the other sacred shrine of the Ninja, the Bunkinkan shrine.

This tradition had gone on since the earliest records of the brotherhood. It served two purposes, to guard a most sacred artefact and to ensure that there would always be a Ninja warrior left should some disaster befall the brotherhood during its pilgrimage. Armankuni was not pleased to have been chosen for guard duty, he was young and eager to learn ever more about the ways of Ninjutsu. He had desperatley wanted to attend the scroll reading ceremonies on the island. Now he would have to wait until his brothers returned and gain the knowlege second-hand from them.

Word soon spread that there had been an unatural disaster on the island and all the brotherhood had been wiped out. Gathering all his courage, Armankuni swore an oath of revenge on the Bunkinkan shrine that he would wreak a terrible and bloody revenge for the death of his brothers.

Armankuni had been to Lin Fen only once before, as a young acolyte newly joined the brotherhood. He knew it was a natural fortress and that there was a secret passage leading into the palace. When Armankuni arrived at the island his memory faltered, and with it, some of his initial courage, the passages that he thought he remembered were different.

The Remix Manual: The Art and Science of Dance Music Remixing with Logic

He knew there was no tuening back, he had sworn an oath and with that foremost in his mind he pressed onward. Not observing this rule will make you vulnerable to virus infection. Switch on the computer. Insert game disk A into the internal disk drive DF0. The programme will then automatically run from the disk. After the initial part of the program has loaded, the screen will display a message prompting you when to insert disk B or C.

When you load up the game at the start, you are asked if you wish to begin a new game or load in a previously saved game. The saved game has to be recorded on the disk that is currently in the drive when you are playing the game, do not use a formatted blank disk on which to save the game. In order to create greater play realism, all the movements are relative to the Ninja's position in the play area.

It is recommended that first time players take some time to familiarise themselves throughly with the full range of movements available. The first screen has been deliberately left without hazzards so the player can play and practice the moves available.

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The forward motion movements are releative to the way the Ninja is facing on the screen. For example, if the Ninja is facing away from you up screen then pushing in direction 2 on the joystick will make him move forward. To turn the Ninja around you must roll the joystick round, through the main points on the joystick, till the Ninja is facing the direction you want him in. Of course, you can also go the other way round as well.

To make the Ninja do a half turn from facing up Right to left , you use the example above, but stop at position 8. Learining to change the Ninja's direction is fundamental to effective play of the game. It is important that you master this movement techniques prior to moving on in the game.

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As face-to-face combat features heavily in this game, the Ninja has the ability to walk backwards from any direction he is facing. For example, if the Ninja is facing direction 2 and he is under attack, then pulling back into direction 6 will make him back away from his opponent.

Alternatively you can turn him around to escape from an adversary, but sometimes there just is'nt enough time! There are many items around the game that the Ninja must pick up and to do this correctl, the Ninja must be precisely positioned on the road way. By using joystick positions 1, 3, 5 and 7 you can move him across the road way and into position see pick up description later. To make the Ninja somersault, press the fire button while the Ninja is moving forward, then move the joystick in the direction you want the Ninja to somersault.

There are three different distances the Ninja cam somersault, this is determined by which position on the joystick is used. For example, the Ninja is moving in direction 2 he will do a middle distance somersault and if he was moving in direction 3, he will do a short distance somersault.