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Greider challenges them to a duel on the next day.

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Rather than waiting for the appointed duel, the brothers try to ambush Greider at the remote mountain cabin where he is holed up. At dawn they come after him, attacking all together. A shootout ensues.

The Dark Valley

Greider is outnumbered four-to-one, but he has the advantage of a Winchester lever-action repeating rifle , while the Brenners all wield two shot side-by-side and breechloading rifles, and are unfamiliar with a repeating rifle. Skillfully leveraging this edge, Greider kills or leaves for dead the remaining four brothers. He then seeks to deliver the message of their deaths to their father, but discovers that some citizens of the town remain loyal to Brenner senior.

As Greider approaches Brenner's home he is attacked by the blacksmith, a hulking giant brandishing a large iron log hook. Lukas manages to save Greider by shooting the blacksmith, but not before the hook finds its way through Grieder's shoulder. After the fight, Greider storms Old Brenner's house and finds him in his bed. Greider gives Old Brenner a picture of his mother, explaining the reason for killing Old Brenner's sons and now him.

Old Brenner reveals to Greider that he is Greider's father a product of his mother's rape by Brenner on her wedding night and so therefore he has murdered his own half-brothers. Brenner asks him "to make it quick" and Greider obliges by shooting him in the heart. Greider recovers for three weeks from his wounds. Meanwhile, the various families that live on the valley ask to punish Greider as many have relatives to Old Brenner due to his ways.

Greider leaves the valley, never to return. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not to be confused with Dark Valley. This article consists almost entirely of a plot summary.

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The Dark Valley: A Panorama of the 1930s, by Piers Brendon (Pimlico, £12.50 in UK)

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The rogues then established a base of their own in the valley. However, the cursed nature of the place would return to bite them; Strelok , in his pursuit of knowledge about himself and the Zone raided the base and killed Borov to obtain the key to Lab X The Military flooded the area shortly thereafter, trying to seize documents Strelok was carrying out of the facility and prevent the knowledge from falling into the wrong hands.

The Dark Valley is hostile territory and the location of the entrance to the infamous Lab X, the most well-known feature of the Dark Valley, followed closely by the Bandit Base. Due to its placement here the Bandit presence in this area is obviously high. In the Lab X one will find a few more rare mutants like Pyrogeists , Poltergeists and Pseudogiants. On top of that, once Lab X has been visited one will also encounter the Military. One more unfriendly sub-location is the Abandoned pig farm , full of unfriendly Loners.

There are patches of intense Radiation , lots of Anomalies and enemies are quite prevalent. There is a place in the Dark Valley that has a strange coal chute or some similar device with a few strange items in the bucket area. A certain amount of climbing is required to reach the bucket, caution is advised as there is lots of radiation inside. If one takes the guitar back to Sidorovich , he will pay a tiny 30 Rubles for it, but unfortunately no one else will buy the Hand Radio. The Dark Valley is the home of the Freedom headquarters.

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There aren't many dangerous mutants here, the most common ones are the dogs, fleshes, boars, and in one mission, a Psy dog and two bloodsuckers. Hostile Mercenaries may be found in several key areas.

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  6. After destroying those Mercenaries and the tunnel they use to get into the Dark Valley, the place becomes relatively safe, as long as the player is not enemies with Freedom. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Stalkers venturing into the Dark Valley are likely to find valuable artifacts, instant death, or both. - The Dark Valley

    A place frequented by some of the most experienced old-timers, though you may also stumble upon some common bandits. There's supposed to be an underground lab around there somewhere, so it might be worth to look for a hidden entrance along the way. No one has returned from there alive though and no one can tell for sure just what nasty surprises await you there. Contents [ show ]. Main article: Dark Valley Shadow of Chernobyl.

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