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Intranet Overview - Intranet is defined as private network of computers within an organization Every computer in internet is identified by a unique IP address. such as collaboration, cost-effectiveness, security, productivity and much more.

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On the Frontlines of Ukraine's Proxy War Between the West and Russia

We will need other answers, involving deterrence from countries with greater capability, decisiveness, flexibility, and speed. A blue badge giving full access to the Munich Security Conference is serious business. Not just because they are scarce, and because security is so tight most of those attending have someone somewhere who would like to kill them. The Brussels to-do List. Each of them is difficult. Each is solvable—with the right leadership and determination. Moscow has manufactured a thick mist of disinformation about NATO in order to disguise its expansionist policies in Eastern Europe.

Nonetheless, lurking behind this propaganda offensive is a genuine fear in the Kremlin that the North Atlantic alliance will thwart Kremlin ambitions and weaken the regime of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Financial Snap Exercises. Scaring off potential aggressors is the cornerstone of a sound defense. It is far better to deter your adversary from attacking in the first place than have to beat him at great cost in a real war.

Russian Actions and Methods against the United States and NATO

That the West makes about Russia. Balkan security and U. Great Power Competition is Back. Great power competition is back, says the new U. Confronting Propaganda. Asked to contribute an op-ed to the al-Qaeda publication Inspire, anyone in public life would decline. It would be career suicide to cooperate in any way with a propaganda outlet of a terrorist group famed for its cruelty and bent on destroying modern civilized life.

The Repressive State. The short answer is that nobody knows. Harassment makes it hard for human rights organizations to track these cases. Estimates range from dozens to hundreds. War in Ukraine. Russian political theater. Russia is having a presidential election this year. In fact, the Kremlin is staging a play about an election, rather than a real contest with real voters, real candidates, real competition and real doubt about the outcome.

The view from Berlin. Tell German policymakers that their country is now the leader of the free world and they shudder. Last time Germany tried leading anything, it ended badly, they explain wearily—and warily. Moscow's divide and rule strategy. A profitable strategy pursued by Moscow to subvert its neighbors is the classic imperial policy of divide and rule. Get ready for disinfo 2.

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Malicious rumors are a weapon of political warfare. The Kremlin adeptly uses them to erode trust and sow divisions. But what we have seen so far—fake news sites, the use of stolen, twisted information, swarms of pretend social-media accounts and so forth—is just the start. Next-generation tactics will be far worse. They will involve audio and video that has not just been edited in order to deceive, but outright invented.

Poland's New Prime Minister. What it means and why it matters. Eastern Threats. Once role models for any country wishing to join the transatlantic community, Visegrad Group V4 members Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic currently face heavy Russian influence operations, resulting in a struggle to find their place in Euro-Atlantic cooperation. Statecraft Still Matters. Statecraft has an old-fashioned ring to it. But we need it more than ever. The idea is that the state is actively and skillfully involved in its own defense at home and abroad. In other words, it does not just react to threats, it forestalls them.

Energizing the Atlantic Alliance. The infowar Skills Gap. The old stuff matters more and more, even as the pace of change accelerates. That is the paradox of modern security policy. A Blurry World. Remember the world of clear categories? The world was either capitalist or communist. The free society values the individual as an end in himself, requiring of him only that measure of self-discipline and self-restraint which make the rights of each individual compatible with the rights of every other individual. The freedom of the individual has as its counterpart, therefore, the negative responsibility of the individual not to exercise his freedom in ways inconsistent with the freedom of other individuals and the positive responsibility to make constructive use of his freedom in the building of a just society.

From this idea of freedom with responsibility derives the marvelous diversity, the deep tolerance, the lawfulness of the free society. This is the explanation of the strength of free men. It constitutes the integrity and the vitality of a free and democratic system. The free society attempts to create and maintain an environment in which every individual has the opportunity to realize his creative powers.

It also explains why the free society tolerates those within it who would use their freedom to destroy it. By the same token, in relations between nations, the prime reliance of the free society is on the strength and appeal of its idea, and it feels no compulsion sooner or later to bring all societies into conformity with it.

For the free society does not fear, it welcomes, diversity. It derives its strength from its hospitality even to antipathetic ideas. It is a market for free trade in ideas, secure in its faith that free men will take the best wares, and grow to a fuller and better realization of their powers in exercising their choice. The idea of freedom is the most contagious idea in history, more contagious than the idea of submission to authority.

IO, SC, PD, what's in a name?

For the breadth of freedom cannot be tolerated in a society which has come under the domination of an individual or group of individuals with a will to absolute power. Where the despot holds absolute power--the absolute power of the absolutely powerful will--all other wills must be subjugated in an act of willing submission, a degradation willed by the individual upon himself under the compulsion of a perverted faith.

It is the first article of this faith that he finds and can only find the meaning of his existence in serving the ends of the system.

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  5. The system becomes God, and submission to the will of God becomes submission to the will of the system. It is not enough to yield outwardly to the system--even Gandhian non-violence is not acceptable--for the spirit of resistance and the devotion to a higher authority might then remain, and the individual would not be wholly submissive.

    The same compulsion which demands total power over all men within the Soviet state without a single exception, demands total power over all Communist Parties and all states under Soviet domination.

    The Anatomy Of Russian Information Warfare: The Crimean Operation, A Case Study

    Thus Stalin has said that the theory and tactics of Leninism as expounded by the Bolshevik party are mandatory for the proletarian parties of all countries. A true internationalist is defined as one who unhesitatingly upholds the position of the Soviet Union and in the satellite states true patriotism is love of the Soviet Union. By the same token the "peace policy" of the Soviet Union, described at a Party Congress as "a more advantageous form of fighting capitalism," is a device to divide and immobilize the non-Communist world, and the peace the Soviet Union seeks is the peace of total conformity to Soviet policy.

    The antipathy of slavery to freedom explains the iron curtain, the isolation, the autarchy of the society whose end is absolute power. The existence and persistence of the idea of freedom is a permanent and continuous threat to the foundation of the slave society; and it therefore regards as intolerable the long continued existence of freedom in the world. What is new, what makes the continuing crisis, is the polarization of power which now inescapably confronts the slave society with the free.

    The assault on free institutions is world-wide now, and in the context of the present polarization of power a defeat of free institutions anywhere is a defeat everywhere. The shock we sustained in the destruction of Czechoslovakia was not in the measure of Czechoslovakia's material importance to us.

    In a material sense, her capabilities were already at Soviet disposal. But when the integrity of Czechoslovak institutions was destroyed, it was in the intangible scale of values that we registered a loss more damaging than the material loss we had already suffered.

    Twenty-First Century Information Warfare and the Third Offset Strategy

    A very interesting and timely case study from Poland of the Russians in Crimea. Along with the Lithuanian Defence Academy Report on Russian New Generation Warfare it provides some very important analysis and insights worth studying. Compare the excerpts of their summaries of their assessment of western ideology with what Kennan wrote about the conflict between "the slave state and the free state.

    We should be grateful to the Poles and Latvians for putting out some very good reports in such a timely manner for open source study. The 33 page report can be downloaded in PDF at this link. The anatomy of Russian information warfare. The Crimean operation, a case study.

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    Jolanta Darczewska. Excerpt from the Polish report:. However, as a matter of fact, his ideological component of the geopolitical doctrine is based on the "state-building and superpower dominants in the awareness of Russians. In his work 'Information Warfare and the World' he openly admits that the Russian idea was formulated by Vladimir Putin in in his manifesto 'Russia at the Turn of the Millennium'.

    President Putin based it on Russian patriotism, its superpower status and social solidarity Panarin is also less consistent than Dugin as regards ideological issues.