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By means of various joint initiatives, it developed good practice criteria and established infrastructures for WHP in the Member States.

Women & Newborn Health promotion

Through these national forums, ENWHP facilitates the cross - border exchange of information and the dissemination of good workplace health practice in Europe. Skip to content. How to become a healthy workplace Updates 2 Aug New EU Worklife balance Directive in force today The Council adopted in June a Directive on work-life balance for parents and carers which aims to increase the participation of women in the labour market and the take-up of family-related leave and flexible working arrangements.

The crux of the matter is that the African woman is not empowered in the home; she is simply there to satisfy the whims and caprices of the husband. There was a female pediatrician in Lagos who was well loved at work and excellent at her job, but was physically abused by her husband, also a medical doctor.

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Neighbors confirmed she had been rushed to the hospital numerous times. A few months ago the abuse went too far and her husband killed her. The news story made it sound like she fell off the staircase.

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The case has since been quiet; nothing more has been reported about the outcome. In much of Africa, men make most of the key decisions about health care for the family, even though such decisions should be jointly made by both spouses to serve the best interest of the children and family. Many women have lost their babies because their husbands enforced a wrong decision—rather than granting decision-making authority to the woman whose life is at risk.

Poor health-care services have worsened the situation, and the high cost of health care has forced most Africans to pay out of pocket—80 percent of Nigerians, for instance, pay out of pocket, with government coverage at less than 5 percent of GDP —makes it unaffordable for most. This allows for mediocre health-care practice and for charlatans and quacks to invade the health system. Thus, the case is being made for health literacy—the ability to access, understand, communicate, and use information to improve health.

Book Promoting Health For Working Women

In order to counter norms of male dominance, women must be included in efforts to promote health literacy. If a woman is empowered through this type of training, her family will be healthier and the nation will thrive.

People will be healthier, productivity will increase, and there will be a steep climb in GNP, GDP, and overall national growth. A woman should be able to make key decisions concerning her health, and should be able to help other women to do the same. However, LWI found that health literacy can increase drastically after a basic one-hour Health Talk Intervention , which usually involves a lecture, health screening which includes blood pressure measurement, blood sugar screening, and other basic tests , personalized counseling, and free medicine. Apart from its impactful health talks, LWI offers other kinds of interventions, including community health outreach, awareness campaigns, executive health seminars, and events around at least six world health days every year.

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Health literacy can make a demonstrable impact on community health. For instance, a diabetic patient came to LWI after consistently falling into comas. After a minute counseling session, the patient was able to recognize the difference between high and low blood glucose levels. This knowledge helped him understand how to treat each situation, whereas previously he had unintentionally been aggravating his condition.

The condition of the health-illiterate patient would have been worse had he not been assisted by his health-literate wife.

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