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SEMANTICS-9: Theories of Reference (Denotational & Representational Theories)

Davis, Nondescriptive : The boy's clothes didn't fit properly. Sight: 2. Nondescriptive : The car was not in good Gayle Feng-Checkett, Lawrence Checkett, Since we cannot, on the basis of a term's status as an essential Joseph LaPorte, But not all biblical language is nondescriptive.

Nondescriptive Meaning And Reference: An Ideational Semantics

This is exceedingly important. The nondescriptive functions of language are, in very complex ways, completely dependent on background realities. Propositions that describe these background James K.

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Beilby, Bennett, C. Fellbaum, Scott Soames, Most authors in the field, whether Russellian or Fregean, draw a distinction between descriptive and nondescriptive modes of presentation. Indexicals and proper names typically express nondescriptive modes of presentation, in contrast to John Ivan Biro, Petr Kotatko, For this to be the case would require that the cognitive constituent be nondescriptive , and you will recall that for many readers of Frege, nondescriptive modes of representation seemed highly problematic. This, I think, is exactly the issue that Joseph Almog, Paolo Leonardi, Indexicals seem to be the most plausible candidates for nondescriptive explanation, more so even than proper names or natural-kind words: indexicals seem to be the place where language stands in its most direct relationship to the world.

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Edward Craig, Examples Sight Nondescriptive : The sky was blue. Descriptive: The sky was a deep, azure blue, dotted by fluffy, white clouds. Touch Nondescriptive : The hospital bed sheets were uncomfortable.

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Conjoining meanings : semantics without truth values Pietroski, Paul M. Consciousness and meaning : selected essays Loar, Brian, autor. Doing valuable time : the present, the future, and meaningful living Calhoun, Cheshire, autor.

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  • Explanation and meaning : an introduction to philosophy Taylor, Daniel M. Fictional names Salis, Fiora. Finding the mean : theory and practice in Aristotelian political philosophy Salkever, Stephen G. From discourse to logic : introduction to modeltheoretic semantics of natural language, formal logic and discourse representation theory Kamp, Hans, The Grammar of meaning : normativity and semantic discourse Lance, Mark Norris.

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    Icarus fallen : the search for meaning in an uncertain world Delsol, Chantal, Intuition and reflection in self-consciousness Nishida, Kitaro, Lenguaje y significado Rossi, Alejandro. Russell's Logical atomism Russell, Bertrand, Making sense : a theory of interpretation Thom, Paul , autor.

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    Meaning Horwich, Paul. Meaning Polanyi, Michael, Meaning and argument : a theory of meaning centred on immediate argumental role Cozzo, Cesare. Meaning and language : phenomenological perspectives. Meaning and ontology in Frege's philosophy. Meaning and reference.