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Intranet Overview - Intranet is defined as private network of computers within an organization Every computer in internet is identified by a unique IP address. such as collaboration, cost-effectiveness, security, productivity and much more.

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Later that morning, corps commander General Helmuth Weidling signed the order of surrender, which was then conveyed to all soldiers of the Berlin garrison. On 16 April , the Soviet forces started to encircle Berlin in a pincer movement.

Five days later first Soviet units entered Berlin from the east and fought their way to the city center. On 2 May, two days after Adolf Hitler committed suicide, all remaining German forces in Berlin were ordered to surrender.

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Today it is a place where two former wartime enemies jointly recall some of their common, albeit very violent history. The Soviet Memorial Tiergarten in the centre of Berlin commemorates the more than Even though the Tiergarten memorial is located in the former British sector of Berlin, Soviet honor guards were sent every day to perform honorary guard duty.

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This tradition was maintained even during the harshest Cold War periods. The imposing figure on top of the mausoleum depicts a soldier carrying a rescued German child. The memorial honours the approximately It is an expression of Nazi ideology and served as a weapons production site using forced labour during the Second World War. Nowadays it is part of the Tempelhofer Freiheit. The former airfield is currently developed into an urban park landscape.

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On 5 June the supreme commanders of the Western powers met for the first time with their colleague from the Soviet Union. In Berlin-Wendenschloss they signed the Berlin Declaration, proclaiming the unconditional surrender of Germany and the assumption of supreme authority by the four victorious powers. Welcome to the Europe Remembers platform and thank you for your interest in contributing to our awareness campaign. We are finalizing the last technical elements in order to make sure to accommodate the large amount of requests we have received!

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A movement is afoot to claim that the Nazi collaborators and the SS units made up of Ukrainians, Latvians and other eastern Europeans, were actually nationalistic heroes and in no way associated with the Nazis. I have written a number of articles exposing the role of these collaborators in the Holocaust and their complicity in murdering tens of thousands of Jewish men, women and children.

I have received emails from Ukrainians and Latvians who claim the Holocaust never took place. Others write that while Jews were indeed killed, they deserved the death and destruction the Nazis brought down on their communities. My articles are about those who would deny that Ukrainians, Latvians, and others from eastern Europe eagerly participated in the Holocaust and supported Adolf Hitler.

The articles also expose those who would declare these Nazi collaborators as some kind of heroes.

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In addition, the Embassy of Latvia in Canada has also provided sponsorship for the institute. What is going on in Latvia and the Ukrainian and other east European nations is a Nazi whitewash designed to rehabilitate those from these countries who took part in some of the most heinous crimes in history.