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Contact Me with thoughts or questions. As always, the pleasure of your company makes my day go here. Kindle Amazon. Widow, Anna Peyton, wants to know.

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But the editor of Golden Words Magazine found out far more than she expected about the great poet and is inducted into the not-so-dead poets society. This is the final installment of the Divine series and several guests from the Wildside are here for the finale. Print CreateSpace , Kindle Amazon.

His deal with the Dark Man to extend his life has had him wandering, rootless for centuries and has driven him away from normal society. A brief moment of panic is proved unfounded as Rat persuades the man that he is on a divine mission.

Divine Madness

The man then offers to help them escape. The now nine-strong group escape, but the ark explodes after being rigged by the cult to kill ASIS soldiers, killing several dozen children inside the Ark and The Spider in the process. Rat is also reported dead by the media, but in actuality survived. With the mission over, Rat is recruited by CHERUB and starts going out with Lauren, who receives a black shirt, Dana is awarded a navy shirt, while all James gets is a stomach bug caught in the sewage system.

The four return to campus with Rat due into basic training in three weeks. The scene in question was the segment where Kyle and Bruce were chasing a suspected member of Help Earth.

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In the original version of the scene, Bruce beats up a passenger who calls him names while boarding the train. In the published book, this is not shown due to excessive violence. The cover is Bruce ignoring the comment. It is set during Chapter 44 of Divine Madness , and introduces James' father.

CHERUB: Divine Madness: Book 5 (CHERUB) [Paperback]

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